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Atrax Systems is not just another tech company trying to remake the wheel.  Atrax is completely changing the stagnate commercial electronic log accessory market and overall electronic log experience by offering the markets first electronic log system that functions as a digital backup, provides equipment tracking, and SMS notifications upon delivery. As well as giving the back office the ability to provide edits to log books when miss entries happen.
NEW  - Tools Tracking System without using any extra devices
Just in case that you need GPS device:
Device comes with SIM card and all necessary software, just insert it in the truck and start using it

$ 50 USD per device
$ 20 USD service per month
Using our Smartphone app you will not have a problem like"Trucking Company lost $800 just because a driver delivered 20 out of 22 pallets and after being 400 km away he noticed the mistake after communicating with his dispatcher....".
GPS navigtion
02With a User Friendly  Interface
Over  Multiple  Platforms

01. GPS Navigation

02. With a User Friendly  Interface

03. Over  Multiple  Platforms

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