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About Atrax


We are committed to making your business better by incorporating  new software to your business with affordable prices. We want to give you a product that you value and that'll help you grow your business. Unlike our competitors we care about what you think and we want to hear from you. Software such as ours are expensive and not for your small business.  We are ourselves are a small business that work for small businesses. I hope you enjoy our product and service and look forward to working with you!

Atrax Systems is looking to become a one stop shop for all logistic electronic logging needs for businesses in Canada and around the world. Their system includes electronic tracking, SMS messaging upon delivery, GPS truck tracking and Mobile Delivery App.


Atrax Systems is not just another tech company trying to remake the wheel.  Atrax is completely changing the stagnate commercial electronic log accessory market and overall electronic log experience by offering the first electronic log system that functions as a digital backup, provides equipment tracking, and SMS notifications upon delivery. In addition it gives the back office the ability to edit the log books when missed entries happen.


Atrax systems is already in the electronic log marketplace in Canada so this is not a company that needs to start from scratch, it is a company that must continue to be developed. One of the major strengths is that the company’s owner being a programmer himself is very hands on with the company. He has a clear vision with what he wants to do and has gone all in on this company. This allows him to dedicate his time and resources into building something great. Atrax’s customer base is primarily in the United States, which gives them the opportunity to be a bigger player in the Canadian industry. Arguably their biggest strength is the fact they already have the program developed and they are currently in the Microsoft Windows App Store, Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store which means expanding the company will not take anything more than a remodel rather than a complete redesign.

Atrax team

Draze image for website.jpg
Draze Gataric

Draze is founder and president of Atrax.

He has a BSc Degree in Electrical Engineering and 25+ years combined experience in Software Development methodologies related to SDLC and software engineering in large enterprise systems.

Draze was part of a team who wrote the first Windows Dispatch Application in Vancouver, Canada

Humpherey picture.png
Humphrey Ng
Marketing Advisor
Humphrey helps organizations grow through marketing insights and automation.
Since 2010 Humphrey Ng has been a leader in the new standard of how we do business. With a proven online marketing mix and specially designed web apps, he empowers both small and thriving big businesses to promote their products and services. His business and tech savvy also helps organizations to bring their products to the world via an effective online presence.
To connect with a trusted guide through the web and the successful path to profit in the new way of doing business well contact: 
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Greg Chin
Sales Manager

Greg is sales manager for Atrax.

Greg holds a bachelor degree of Applied Sciences (BASc) from Simon Fraser University and  joins the company with 10+ years of experience in client services and business development in the service industry.  He speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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