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Our software application is created to help transportation companies become more efficient with their businesses. Atrax  helps users track shipping, as well as being able to visually see their trucks locations on the map.


 Cloud based Windows desktop application provides mechanisms for:

  • Creating trips

  • Creating orders assigned to the trip

  • Assigning and monitoring the orders and status of the drivers 

  • Automatically sending alert via emails to relevant partner companies

  • Sharing trucks among partner companies delivery jobs

Monitoring on the MAP


  • Monitor drivers, trucks, trailers and companies on the map

  • Monitor routes, and calculate distances on the map

  • Monitor shared trucks with partner companies

 Updating status using smart phones

  • Actual GPS location from the smart phone will be delivered to the dispatcher in real time

  • Driver can see his assigned orders through his smart phone

  • Driver can update actual status of the order when comes on the stop and during stop operation

  • All information updated from the smart phone will be delivered to the dispatcher and automatically sent to the relevant companies by email

GPS devices for sale:
Device comes with SIM card and all necessary software, just insert it in the truck and start using it

$ 50 USD per device
$ 20 USD service per month

Just a few of the features available

International Support

Atrax works across nearly 100 countries, with full support for regional formatting and Unicode input.

Bulk Data Transfers

Import and export data in bulk in MS Excel Spreadsheets.

Statistics And Analytics

Practical data and analytics tool with precise Distance and durations of each job. Access to insightful information about your company's core business. Your data will allow you to make better and faster decisions. Find out more about your company and save

GPS Driver Tracking

You can now use our app to track the position of your truck using a GPS device installed in your truck.

Customer Notifications

Atrax sends emails about job information directly to your customers email address.

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