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What Atrax can do for you?

Atrax provides software that allows dispatchers to create and assign jobs and monitor the locations of their drivers and vehicles in real time. 

Drivers simply need to download our Smartphone app on their phone. The app sends dispatchers exact location information and allows drivers to update their job status at any time. This helps increase business efficiency and productivity.

Listed below are ways that Atrax Software can be of benefit:

  • Ability to create and assign jobs, and monitor their status using the Windows desktop application

  • Ability for drivers to provide on the fly job updates using the Smartphone app

  • Ability to monitor the exact locations of drivers and trucks at any time using the Windows desktop application

Subscription fees:

  • Free!

Just a few of the features available

International Support

​Atrax works across nearly 100 countries, with full support for regional formatting and Unicode input.

Bulk Data Transfers

Import and export data in bulk in MS Excel Spreadsheets.

Statistics And Analytics

Practical data and analytics tool with precise Distance and durations of each job. Access to insightful information about your company's core business. Your data will allow you to make better and faster decisions. Find out more about your company and save

GPS Driver Tracking

​You can now use our app to track the position of your truck using a GPS device installed in your truck.

Customer Notifications

Atrax sends emails about job information directly to your customers email address.

You can also find a demo of our app in action on our YouTube page:

If you have any question please feel free to send a text at phone below and we would be happy to answer as soon as we can!

Atrax Systems Inc.

Phone 604 808 5460


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